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How to Show/Hide Elements

Mission News displays many optional elements throughout its design. The following elements display by default, but can be hidden from your site:

  • Date
  • Social icons
  • Tagline
  • Search bar
  • Featured Images
  • Post byline - date
  • Post byline - author
  • Archive titles
  • Archive descriptions
  • Post category links
  • Post tag links
  • Post author avatars
  • Author box after posts
  • "More from..." section
  • Comment dates
  • "Post Author" comment label

To hide any of these elements, follow these steps

  1. Visit the Customizer (Appearance → Customize)
  2. Click on the Show/Hide Elements section
  3. Select the section where the element you want to hide is located
  4. Locate the option(s) for the element(s) you want to hide, and switch to "No"
  5. Click the Save & Publish button at the top of the screen

Any elements you chose to hide will no longer display on your site.

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