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How to Hide Featured Images

Featured Images are great, but you may not want to display them everywhere. They can be hidden easily with a bit of custom CSS.

You can copy & paste any snippet you find here into the Additional CSS section in the Customizer (Appearance > Customize).

Hide Featured Images on the blog

If you want the Featured Images to show up when viewing a post, but not when viewing the list of posts on the blog, add this CSS to your site.

.blog .featured-image,
.archive .featured-image,
.search .featured-image {
  display: none;

This also hides the Featured Images on the archive pages and search results page which both use the same design as the main blog page.

Hide Featured Images on posts

If you want the Featured Images to show up on the blog and archive pages but not when viewing a post, add this CSS:

.single-post .featured-image { 
  display: none; 

Hide Featured Images everywhere

If you want to add Featured Images so they can be picked up by social media sites and schema, but you don’t want them to display on your site, add this CSS:

.featured-image { 
  display: none; 

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