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How to Add a Header Image

With Ignite Plus you can add a header image to the top of your site.

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How to Add a Header Image

To add a header image:

  1. Visit the Customizer (Appearance → Customize)
  2. Click on the Header Image section
  3. Click the Select Image button
  4. Use the media manager to upload a new image or select an existing image, and click the Choose Image button
  5. Click the Save & Publish button to save your header image

How to Customize Your Header Image

There are four controls for customizing the appearance and functionality of your header image.

Responsive VS Fixed Height

If you want your header image to be shorter on mobile devices, and taller on desktops, select the Responsive option.

If you want your header image to be the same height on all devices used to view your site, select the Fixed height option

Adjust the Height

You can increase/decrease the height of the header image with the height slider.

Slide it to the left to decrease the height of the header image, and to the right to increase the height:

Link to Homepage

You can link the header image to your homepage with the Link Header Image to homepage? option:

Note: linking the header image simply means visitors can click on it to return to your homepage.

Show on the homepage only

If you want a header image, but you only want to show it on the homepage, you can do this with the Show Header Image on homepage only? option:

Parallax Effect

Normally when scroll down the page, the header image disappears with the rest of the content. With the Parallax Effect turned on, the header image will say in place while the rest of the site scrolls over top of it.

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