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Getting Started with Founder Pro

Ready to start customizing your site with Founder Pro? Follow this guide to learn how to use each of Founder Pro’s features on your site.

If you need help installing Founder Pro, please follow this tutorial first: How to Install Founder Pro.



This guide will teach you how to use each of the new features added with Founder Pro. The tutorials are newbie-friendly, so every step is explained in detail.

It’s recommended that you follow along with your site as you read.

Custom Colors

Founder Pro adds color controls for virtually every element on the site. This includes colors for specific elements, like widget titles and menu links, and hover effects for buttons, social icons, and more.

The color controls are grouped into sections. Each section covers one area of the site, such as the Primary Menu or the Footer.

Founder Pro Custom Colors

Changing these colors will allow you to match your site to your brand’s colors (or simply pick a color you like).

Follow this tutorial to learn how to change your colors with Founder Pro:

Tutorial: How to Change Your Colors

Use New Fonts

With Founder Pro, you have a selection of 728 fonts for your site.

Founder Pro Custom Fonts

With the increased selection, you can choose the font that perfectly complements your content.

Follow this tutorial to learn how to apply new fonts to your site:

Tutorial: How to Use Your New Fonts

Post & Page Templates

Founder Pro adds stylish new templates for both your posts and pages.

Founder Pro Post Template

Use the new templates to create beautiful designs for featured stories on your site.

Follow this tutorial to learn how to use the templates:

Tutorial: How to Use the Post & Page Templates

Flexible Header Image

The header image is a large image displayed at the top of your site, spanning from one side of the screen to the other.

Founder Pro Header Image

It’s great for displaying a welcome message on just the homepage, or an interesting graphic across the site.

Learn how to add a header image to your site with this tutorial:

Tutorial: How to Add a Header Image

Just like Featured Sliders replace Featured Images, Featured Videos can be used to add videos in place of Featured Images.

This gives you a simple and beautiful way to publish videos on your site.

Founder Pro will responsively embed videos from any of the following sites:

  • Youtube
  • Vimeo
  • Dailymotion
  • Animoto
  • Funny or Die
  • Hulu
  • TED
  • Blip
  • Vine

All you need is the URL of the video to embed it. While not video sites, you can also embed SlideShare presentations and SoundCloud tracks with Featured Videos.

Tutorial: How to Add Featured Videos

Featured Sliders can be used to replace Featured Images with slider by integrating with the Meta Slider plugin.

Like with Featured Images, every Post and Page can have a different Featured Slider.

Follow this tutorial to learn how to add Featured Sliders to your site:

Tutorial: How to Add Featured Sliders

Featured Image Sizes

Featured Images have a fixed 2:1 aspect ration in Founder. With Founder Pro, you can choose from a variety of new sizes including using the image’s natural dimensions.

Founder Pro Featured Image Sizes

You can change the aspect ratio for individual images in the post editor as well.

Follow this tutorial to learn how to edit the Featured Image Sizes on your site:

Tutorial: How to Change the Featured Image Size

New Widget Areas

Founder Pro includes one widget area below the header, but Founder Pro includes additional widget areas for customizing your site.

Founder Pro adds the following four new widget areas to your site:

  • After Post Content
  • After Page Content
  • After Main Content
  • Before Main Content

Founder Pro Widget Areas

Each widget area can display any widgets you’d like (or none). If you want to learn how to add widgets to one of these new widget areas, check out the tutorial below:

Tutorial: How to Use Your New Widget Areas

Use Your New Menus

Founder includes a single “Primary” menu included at the top of the site.

Founder Pro adds a new Secondary menu that displays above the Primary menu as well as a Footer menu that shows up at the bottom of the site.

Founder Pro New Menus

Read this tutorial to learn how to add the new menus

Tutorial: How to Add the New Menus

Display Controls

Founder Pro allows you to hide any of the default elements on the site.

Founder Pro Display Controls

Follow this tutorial to learn how to show or hide elements on your site:

Tutorial: How to Show/Hide Site Elements

By default, the footer text in Founder reads, “Founder WordPress Theme by Compete Themes”, and links to our site.

With Founder Pro, you can easily replace this text with whatever you want it to say.

Founder Pro Custom Footer Text

To learn how to replace the footer text, follow this tutorial:

Tutorial: How to Change the Footer Text


If there’s anything else you want to change about your site that wasn’t covered, check for an article about it in the sidebar to the left. Otherwise, there’s probably a free plugin available for it on

Check out our WordPress Resources page to find awesome plugins and tools we recommend, and if you want to try using CSS to customize Founder Pro, we’ve got some pre-written snippets for you to get started with in the Founder CSS Snippets Collection.

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