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Getting Started with Challenger Pro

Ready to start customizing your site with Challenger Pro? Follow this guide to learn how to use each of Challenger Pro’s features on your site.

If you need help installing Challenger Pro, please follow this tutorial first: How to Install Challenger Pro.



This guide will teach you how to use each of the new features added with Challenger Pro. The tutorials are newbie-friendly, so every step is explained in detail.

It’s recommended that you follow along with your site as you read.

New Layouts

Challenger uses a single column layout. With Challenger Pro, you have the following eight layouts:

  • Right sidebar
  • Left sidebar
  • Narrow
  • Wide
  • Two-column – right-sidebar
  • Two-column – left-sidebar
  • Two-column – narrow
  • Two-column – wide

You can choose a layout for an entire post type at once from the Customizer and visit individual posts & pages to change their layouts individually.

The layout is applied to all pages on your site. However, every Post/Page can also use its own layout.

Follow this tutorial to learn how to change to a new layout:

Tutorial: How to Change Your Layout

Use New Fonts

With Challenger Pro, you have a selection of 728 fonts for your site.

With the increased selection, you can choose the font that perfectly complements your content.

Follow this tutorial to learn how to apply new fonts to your site:

Tutorial: How to Use Your New Fonts

Change Your Font Sizes

Challenger Pro adds font size controls for the 9 different site elements. Each includes a mobile, tablet, and desktop font size option.

Challenger Pro Font Sizes

Follow this tutorial to learn how to customize your font sizes:

Tutorial: How to Change Your Font Sizes

Featured Videos

Just like Featured Sliders replace Featured Images, Featured Videos can be used to add videos in place of Featured Images.

This gives you a simple and beautiful way to publish videos on your site.

Challenger Pro will responsively embed videos from any of the following sites:

  • Youtube
  • Vimeo
  • Dailymotion
  • Animoto
  • Funny or Die
  • Hulu
  • TED
  • Blip
  • Vine

All you need is the URL of the video to embed it. While not video sites, you can also embed SlideShare presentations and SoundCloud tracks with Featured Videos.

Tutorial: How to Add Featured Videos

With the Sticky Header, you can flip one switch and keep the menu and logo present at all times.

Sticky Header Settings

You can optionally disable the sticky header on mobile devices.

Tutorial: How to Make the Header Sticky

New Widget Areas

With the Challenger Pro plugin, you get a handful of new layouts that utilize a sidebar widget area. Challenger Pro also adds a new widget area for the footer.

Challenger Pro Widget Areas

You can use these two new widget areas just like the four included in the free Challenger theme.

By default, the footer text in Challenger reads, “Challenger WordPress Theme by Compete Themes”, and links to our site.

With Challenger Pro, you can easily replace this text with whatever you want it to say.

Challenger Footer Text

To learn how to replace the footer text, follow this tutorial:

Tutorial: How to Change the Footer Text


If there’s anything else you want to change about your site that wasn’t covered, check for an article about it in the sidebar to the left. Otherwise, there’s probably a free plugin available for it on

Check out our WordPress Resources page to find awesome plugins and tools we recommend, and if you want to try using CSS to customize Challenger Pro, we’ve got some pre-written snippets for you to get started with in the Challenger CSS Snippets Collection.

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