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How to Add a Background Image

With Author Pro you can change the background of your sidebar and body to an image. To add a background image:

  1. Visit the Customizer (Appearance → Customize)
  2. Click on the Background section
  3. Click on the Background Images section
  4. Locate the setting for the part of the site you want to add a background image to
  5. Click the Select Image button
  6. Use the media manager to upload a new image or select an existing image, and click the Choose Image button
  7. Click the Save & Publish button to save your changes

The background image you uploaded is now being used as the backdrop for your site.

Additional Options

Author Pro also allows you to change the positioning and attachment of your background images.

Image Position

The background image will be cropped to fit the allotted space. However, you can use the Image Position setting to position the image all the way left, right, or centered:

Image Attachment

The sidebar also includes an option to change how the background image is "attached":

If you select the Scroll option, the background image will scroll with the rest of the page as visitors scroll down it. If you select the Fixed option, the background image will stay stationary while visitors scroll down the page.

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